Doom Eternal speedruns are already clocking in under 90 minutes

(Image credit: Bethesda)

I shouldn't be surprised that people are finishing the fastest shooter on the block even faster than I imagined. Doom Eternal speedruns are already clocking in under two hours, with these runs from BloodThunder and CreeperHntr shaving an extra 30 minutes off. 

Granted, these are primarily exploratory runs rather for testing out early glitches and strategies. These runners are Doom experts, no doubt, jut don't expect to see an endless reel of supreme Nightmare difficulty FPS skill on display here. Do expect to see Doomguy floating through and above nearly every environment. The thing only released last Friday, after all. This is the mining period, where speedrunners lay out some shaky tracks and do their best to break the intricate, layered work dozens of people spent years working on. 

Even so, there's some rad movement on display. The ballista makes for a good Doomguy propellant, sending him gliding over vast expanses and skipping over the ground like a stone on the surface of a placid pond. And since you don't die from falling into pits, playing around above and behind level geometry makes for some elaborate checkpoint skips. Give 'em a watch below. 

Here's CreeperHntr, with an Any% time of 1:26:16:

And here's BloodThunder, with an Any% time of 1:28:25:

James Davenport

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