Doom Eternal will let you 'invade' another player's campaign

VIDEO: A first look at Invasions in Doom Eternal, as shown at QuakeCon.

Id Software dropped a big surprise about Doom Eternal today at QuakeCon when it revealed that players can "invade" games, taking control of demons to bring down the Doom Slayer. They can go one-on-one, or team up to form a "slayer hunting party." 

Id indicated that this was not the only form of multiplayer in Doom Eternal.

We'll cover more details about what's coming, but this is a big, big change, and it reflects a new approach to the game: "We're not just making a Doom game anymore," id's Marty Stratton said. "We're building a Doom universe."

More on this as we report from QuakeCon.

Andy Chalk

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