Doom 64 has been unexpectedly rated for PC

(Image credit: Midway Games)

Doom 64, 1997's N64 exclusive, resurrected the demonic horde and once again sent the gurning Doomguy in to clean up the mess with his wide range of large guns. Though similar to the first two Dooms, it boasted flashier graphics, new weapons and a bunch of new corridors to use them in. After 22 years, it looks like it's finally going to appear outside the N64. 

A PEGI rating let slip the news. It's gone now, but not before Gematsu was able to capture the listing for posterity. "The Demons have returned even stronger and more vicious than before. As the only experienced survivor of the Doom episode, your commission is reactivated," it reads. 

It will apparently be appearing on PC and PS4, though details clearly aren't set in stone—it also has a release date of last Friday. 

With almost every other Doom readily available, and Doom Eternal on the horizon, I'm not really itching to replay the N64 version, but it might still be a novelty worth checking out if you never owned Nintendo's last cartridge console. It was pretty much Doom 3 until the official sequel came along.

Fraser Brown
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