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Don't Starve will be Reigning Giants (hallelujah) this autumn

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Hungry hungry survival game Don't Starve (opens in new tab) is teasing a new piece of DLC, and it seemingly involves giants. They're probably going to do some reigning! Plus stomping, growling and being tall. You know, standard giant stuff. Those are some insights I've gleaned from the following Reign of Giants trailer (opens in new tab) , which suggests an Autumn (Americans: it's like your 'Fall') release, while revealing literally nothing about the expansion. If you want to study the 23 second video for yourself, you can do so beneath the giant's causeway I like to call 'the break'.

Of course, I didn't really expect Klei to reveal much about the new DLC, seeing how Don't Starve is a game primarily built on mystery, exploration, and of course beards. The Mark of the Ninja/ Invisible, Inc (opens in new tab) devs recently (relatively) added caves and bunnies (opens in new tab) in a free update, though it's not clear yet whether Reign of Giants will require an entry fee.

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