Don't Starve makes it to Steam, and it's 10% off

If you're hungering for a new indie release, you'll now be able to avoid those inevitable stomach-gnawing pangs, because the whimsically sepia-tinged Don't Starve has grown out of its awkward beta phase to stand among the indie greats on Steam.

Not for the weak-kneed, Don't Starve likes to boast that it's a "living and breathing world that hates you and wants you to die." How pleasant! It's just you in the wilderness, and you have one goal: survive . You'll do that by crafting, farming, researching, and fleeing terrifying eyeball-monsters. Add this to your hate-ridden, ever-growing list of wonderfully punishing games, then.

You might recall us previewing Don't Starve earlier this year—we found it buzzed with potential, because bees. Since then, Adventure Mode's been completed, new items have been added, the HUD's been tweaked, and everything's been wrapped up in a big bow and presented to Steam gamers as a finished product and a reminder to eat one's greens. With the 10% discount, it's $13.49 until April 30 , and keep in mind that that includes six months' worth of free post-release updates as well. There's also a two-pack available for $22.49, so you can trap an unsuspecting friend in the wilderness with you.