Don't miss the October issue of PC PowerPlay

PC powerplay 294 october 2022
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It’s been getting bigger and better for a decade now, and the wildly popular combat game War Thunder has now entered the modern age with the release of a set of 4th gen vehicles that will energise top tier combat.

Our expert in this issue is War Thunder streamer Nick ‘MagzTV’ Read, and Nick has analysed the new vehicles, which includes the mighty ‘Top Gun’ F-14 Tomcat.

Elsewhere in this issue of PC PowerPlay we get hands-on with Homeworld 3 – something that will stir fond memories of old, and hope that it will actually be good.

We’ve a guide to the best joysticks and flight controllers, too, and every gamer needs a decent stick in their armoury, even id flight isn’t their main thing.

Plus all the news, previews and reviews of the biggest (and smallest!) games that matter. Enjoy!