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Don't expect a new Elder Scrolls announcement for a "very long time"


Given the success of Skyrim—and the upcoming release of Fallout 4—you might hope that Bethesda would have plans to announce a new Elder Scrolls RPG in the near future. Not so, according to Bethesda's Pete Hines.

During a chat with Dualshockers, the studio's VP of Marketing explained that Bethesda was still working on Fallout 4—a process that takes the entire studio's focus.

As such, Hines doesn't believe we're close to hearing about a new Elder Scrolls game. In fact, he believes it will be a "very long time" before the team is ready to talk about what they have planned after Fallout 4.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given how close Fallout 4's own announcement was to its release. Skyrim was launched in late-2011, and it was only two months ago that Bethesda confirmed the existence of their next game.

Thanks, VG247.

Phil Savage
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