Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock incoming, explore time and relative dimensions in space "soon"

The BBC have sent word that a new Doctor Who game is hurtling through time and space towards our hard drives. It's called Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and will be available as a digital download "soon." The teaser trailer above shows the Tardis tumbling through a clock the size of the universe. It's probably a figurative bit of visual flair, but the idea of fizzing through the galaxy in the Doctor's blue box, popping in the clockwork of the cosmos is a good one, and a fitting task for a Time Lord.

It's being developed by Supermassive games, who have done a lot with Playstation's Move motion sensor controller, and have worked with Media Molecule to create level packs for Little Big Planet. They say that the new Doctor Who game will challenge players "to master the complexities of time travel," across the centuries. "Changes made in one time will impact another creating multiple possibilities"

A mo-capped Matt Smith and Alex Kingston will both star as the Doctor and River Song in a plot written especially for the game by an unnamed team of "BBC Wales" writers (no mention of lead series writer, Steven Moffat). It's hard to know how much The Eternity Clock will differ from last year's Doctor Who adventure games , or, like the adventure games, whether The Eternity Clock will be free to download. More will steadily be revealed on the new Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Twitter feed .

Update: Commenter Merseymal points out that David Bryher , Gary Russell and Lee Binding are working on the project. Thanks, Merseymal!

Tom Senior

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