Doctor Who episode 4 is out in UK and on sale in US

Doctor Who episode 4

The fourth outing for the digital doctor has just been released for free in the UK. It starts with Amy and the Doctor trapped in an underwater base being menaced by a giant space shark, and gets more crazy from there. There's good news for Doctor Who fans across the pond, because this episode will also be sold as a digital download on Direct2Drive. Read on for details.

If a giant shark from space isn't the greatest of your concerns then you know you're having a bad day. The survivors in the underwater base of the latest Doctor Who adventure are also dealing with a strange sickness and a deadly force that lurks in the darkness called the Vashta Nevada. Luckily for them the Doctor and, more importantly, his magical door-opening, puzzle solving magic wand, the sonic screwdriver, have arrived to help out.

If you live in the UK the game can be downloaded for free from the Doctor Who site. If you live outside of the UK the episode will also be made avalable on Direct2Drive for $4.95.

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