Divinity: Original Sin 2 showcases co-op split screen, skill crafting

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is staring down its September 14 departure from Early Access, and is therefore cramming its typically busy pre-launch developer diaries with even more features than usual. 

The latest showcases its co-op split screen, with up to four players across two PCs—"so you can play co-op with your best friend, fiance, your grandma, your pet chihuahua"—Skill Crafting, Rune Crafting, new ragdoll physics and new death animations, among other things.

Speaking specifically to Skill Crafting, players can expect to create new skills of their own volition, with a necromancy and fire combo used an example—the sum of which combine to form Corpse Explosion. Combining elemental books with non elemental books serves to craft new skills; while Source Pool-powered Source Skills such as Vision and Vampirism allow players to talk to spirits or drain life from them respectively.  

Further to Skill Crafting, the above developer diary shows off Rune Crafting—a similar discipline that allows players to improve weapons and gear. 

"For example, if you combine Pixie Dust, Wood and Oil you'll create a Small Flame Rune," explains the Kickstarter backer update. "You can then enchant items with available Rune Slots to give the item additional effects. In this example, we'll be adding +10 percent damage as Fire damage to our Magical Composite Bow."

Check out Larians latest roundup in more detail over here, ahead of the role-player's September 14 launch.