Disney Classic Games Collection update adds Jungle Book, SNES Aladdin

An updated version of the Disney Classic Games Collection has been announced, adding The Jungle Book and a new SNES version of Aladdin.

The original version, released in 2019 and developed by Digital Eclipse, included the NES version of Aladdin and The Lion King, two of the early to mid 90's most popular platformers. That includes both "Console S" and "Console N" versions of both Aladdin and Jungle Book, if you're curious to check out the differences in ports.

There's also good news for those of you who already own the collection. Digital Eclipse's editorial director Chris Kohler said that you'll be able to upgrade to the new collection via DLC, saving you from having to buy the whole collection again.

Here's the list of every game included in the updated collection.

Disney's Aladdin: SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega MegaDrive
Disney's Aladdin - Final Cut: Sega Mega Drive
Disney's Aladdin - Demo Version: Sega Mega Drive
Disney's Aladdin - Japanese Version: Sega Mega Drive
Disney The Lion King: SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega MegaDrive
Disney The Lion King - Japanese Version: Sega Mega Drive
Disney The Jungle Book: SNES, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive

disney classic games collection

(Image credit: Digital Eclipse)

If you haven't checked out the collection, it's worth it both to simply revisit a few 90's classics, but also to visit Digital Eclipse's work on "museum" sections for each game. Those show off each game's development history, behind-the-scenes tidbits, concept art, and more. Kohler adds that The Jungle Book museum section also includes concept art from the origins 1967 film. Digital Eclipse's past projects include the Disney Afternoon Collection, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

The Digital Eclipse versions of the games allow you to rewind gameplay, much like the Nintendo Switch NES and SNES libraries. Aladdin and Lion King are notoriously difficult, so Digital Eclipse has also added a fast-forward feature that lets you skip to any part of a level.

The new Disney Classic Games Collection is due out this fall on Steam, plus PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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