Dishonored kill compilation shows a montage of creative murder

Dishonored chronic shoulder pain

Oh, bother. Gentlemanly royal bodyguard Corvo Attano seems afflicted by a rather sadistic streak while slaying his way across Dishonored's Dunwall. Bethesda collected a slew of player-submitted creative murders, kills, and assassinations into nearly three minutes of cat-and-mouse, oil-tank candy trails, grenade sniping, and other custom combos, impressively proving how much I suck at this game by comparison.

Check out a fearless player's base-jumped air-stab around the 2:25 mark. Kudos to Bethesda for branding the video with a straightforward title instead of—as one YouTube commenter put it—"~xXx+NoSc0pE-MLG-PrO-RzRwIrE-K­1LLsTr3aK+xXx~."

Omri Petitte

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