Dishonored 6-kill combo would've felt right at home in The Matrix


One of Dishonored's most oh-so-satisfying accomplishments is a Ghost and Clean Hands run, which rewards two Achievements for evading detection and performing non-lethal takedowns for the entirety of your time in Dunwall. The video here shows the complete opposite of that scuffed coin with the circular elimination of six guards in but a few seconds. And it looks simply amazing.

Using a combination of bent time, rat swarms, teleportation, and plenty of deadly sword swings, player "kekkoSoNicSyNdIcAtE" (whoa) successfully infused the majesty of Inigo Montoya in full berserk mode with cinematography seemingly directed by the Wachowski brothers. Two Tallboys and four City Watchmen crumple beneath Corvo's kinetically balletic attacks, a sequence of brutality underscored by the first-person view.

You, too, can shove sharp pieces of metal into people's necks as well. (Dis)Honestly. Read our review for more info.

Omri Petitte

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