Dirt 3 Gymkhana stunt trailer burns rubber

Dirt 3 Gymkhana

Gymkhana is a form of stunt racing where drivers compete on specially laid out courses, looking to complete complex combinations of drifts, doughnuts, slaloms and jumps. Dirt 3 is going to have a dedicated Gymkhana mode that will let players compete to become the most competent vehicular trickster. The latest no-nonsense trailer for the game shows a car blitzing its way through a Gymkhanae course, drifting under lorries, taking on tyre slaloms and burning the rubber off its screaming tyres. You'll find it embedded below.

Outside of the new Gymkhana courses, most of Dirt 3 will be refocusing on Rallying, which is good news for fans of the first Dirt outing. For more information check out the Dirt 3 Facebook page.

Tom Senior

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