Dino Run 2 is a procedurally generated 2D runner with plenty of dinosaurs

The original Dino Run Flash game (which you can play for free here) released in 2008. 10 years later, original developer Pixeljam is trying to resurrect the series with Dino Run 2, and judging from their now fully funded Kickstarter, they're well on their way. 

Dino Run 2 is a 2D runner where you and some friends pick dinosaurs and plow through procedurally generated levels in order to outrun disasters. Different dinosaurs, from pachycephalosaurus to pterodactyls, have different abilities and kart racer-like stats, and can utilize different routes and tricks in levels. 

Dino Run 2's biggest improvements are the diversity of dinosaurs and environments, as well as level variety and physics. There are several unique interactions like toppling rocks to create platforms, or using teeter-totter like stones to fling yourself airborne in order to eat some small flying dinos and collect DNA. You can also collect DNA by locating secret eggs, and then spend it on upgrades for your dino's stats. 

Although its Kickstarter was a success, Dino Run 2 isn't finished with crowdfunding. As Pixeljam explains on the game's official site, "this campaign is to fund and deliver the initial stages of game development" as well as share the process with backers. 

"One important lesson we've learned is that most game crowdfunding campaigns fail to deliver because the developers don't fully understand the risks involved or get blinded by their own hype," Pixeljam wrote on Kickstarter. "We've been there, and don't want to do that again. Therefore we are raising funds and creating the game in carefully planned stages." 

For the record, this Kickstarter campaign is stage two of seven. You can learn more about Dino Run 2's development roadmap here

Incidentally, another long-awaited Flash game follow-up also recently found success on Kickstarter: Once Upon A Coma, a sequel eight years in the making. 

Austin Wood
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