Diluvion release date set for February

When Tom and James got to grips with Arachnid Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment's Diluvion at PAX, they described its crew management system as "equal parts FTL and Dragon Age". That's quite the combination and while the deep sea submarine exploration game was initially expected to launch late last year, it now has a concrete release date: February 2, 2017. 

With nine unique upgradable vessels, filled with bespoke weapons and "specialised" crew members, Diluvion drops players into a vast undersea world after the land above is flooded and subsequently frozen over. A "ceiling of impenetrable ice" blocks access to the surface, therefore you're tasked with battling hostile ships and whichever other terrors stalk the deep as you strive to defend your submersible and its crew. 

"But fighting isn’t the only key to staying alive; players will also have to manage food and oxygen, salvage and trade loot, collect bounties and discover the depths of a dangerous world brimming with uncharted harbors, factions, stories and secrets," says Gambitious in a statement. "Captains can even build their own home bases of operation to shelter their fleets while growing in notoriety and wealth."

Diluvion will launch on Steam February 2 and will cost £14.99/$19.99. If pre-ordering is your thing, doing so will net you a 15 percent discount ahead of time and a 'Captain's Journal'—said to "document the game’s rich lore"—as well as a Deringer sub to use in-game.

And if you want a sneak peek at Diluvion, Arachnid will be joining us live on today's PC Gamer Show to demo the game. Stop by our Twitch channel at 1pm PST to watch us play or ask them questions!