Diablo 4's first tier 100 nightmare dungeon has been cleared on hardcore with the power of friendship, and also bone spear

Diablo 4 Necromancer with some skeletons
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Carving your way through 100 tiers of nightmare dungeon difficulty in Diablo 4 is hard enough in itself. Doing so without getting gibbed by Sanctuary's various beasties? Nigh impossible. As spotted by Gamesradar+, however, two necromancer players have achieved that milestone last week.

The world first was snagged by players AlAlon and Riise. In a tweet by the former, AlAlon describes the feat as "tough, but so rewarding", and thanks the developers for "creating this masterpiece". In the comments, they go into the key aspects of the build that carried them to tier 100 hardcore. 

"All our damage comes [from multiplicative damage], which [comes from aspects], most important one is flesh eater." The Flesh-Eater aspect, a legendary node in the Flesh-Eater paragon board, gives up to a 40% increased damage buff after chomping through 5 corpses. Being multiplicative—applied after other bonuses—this is a huge ramp-up. "'I've had over [13,000,000 damage] bone spear crits."

To properly put in context how much damage that is, here's an example of a bone spear necromancer melting a world boss in about 15 seconds. It's enough to one-shot most beasties in the game. You're trapped in hell with demons? No, they're trapped in hell with you.

Other aspects AlAlon credits are the Edgemaster's Aspect, which ramps up the bone spear damage the more essence you have banked, the Aspect of Exposed Flesh, which helps generate that essence when hitting vulnerable enemies with bone skills, and the Protecting Aspect, which probably saved their hardcore bacon more than once with its immunity shield.

I'm certain our own Sean Martin—who has been having a delightful time blowing up corpses—is happy to see his class repped in this massive achievement. The bone spear train's had me considering rolling up a goth boy in the new season myself, which you can play on July 20.

Harvey Randall
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