How to get Malignant body parts and summon Varshan in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 boss loot tables - Varshan
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Despite numerous ass-kickings in the Season of the Malignant, the Diablo 4 Varshan boss is back, and all it takes to say hi is to gather his Malignant body parts and chuck them in a special altar. Alongside Grigoire, the Varshan boss is one of the first you can fight while on Nightmare world difficulty, and his summoning materials are pretty easy to gather.

Still, since the Torment version of Varshan also drops Mucus-Slick Eggs—one of the two materials required to summon Duriel—it's a bit of a waste to fight this boss early and use up what you've gathered. If you're curious what unique items Varshan drops, have a browse of our Diablo 4 boss loot tables

Otherwise, here's how to gather Malignant body parts and summon Varshan.

Where to find Malignant body parts

There are actually a few different ways to get hold of the Malignant body parts you need to summon Varshan. 

Here are your options:

  • Complete Whispers: Opening the caches you earn from the Tree of Whispers has a chance to give you a selection of Malignant body parts. You unlock the tree after you finish the campaign and it's pretty easy to do Whispers while also taking part in activities like Helltide.
  • Kill Grotesque Debtors: These special elite enemies spawn randomly after activities and drop Malignant body parts. While you'll get a little notification if one is about to appear nearby, the most consistent way of finding them is after you defeat a world boss, or when they sometimes spawn after you complete a Whisper. 
  • Visit the Alchemist: Malignant Hearts are one of the materials you need to summon Varshan, but you can also convert them into any of the other three materials at the Alchemist. By the same token, you can craft Malignant Body Caches using the other three parts which will provide a random material.
  • Kill elites: As of season four, elites can now randomly drop boss materials, so be on the lookout for any you can scoop up and add to your stash.

The rarest of these materials are Malignant Hearts. These most often drop from the Grotesque Debtors elites that appear after you defeat a world boss or complete a Whisper.

How to summon the Varshan boss

You can fight Varshan on either Nightmare or Torment world tier. The main difference between these is that Varshan also drops Mucus-Slick Eggs—a material to summon Duriel—if you fight him on Torment.

To face Varshan you'll need:

  • One Gurgling Head
  • One Blackened Femur
  • One Trembling Hand
  • One Malignant Heart (you'll only need this part if you're summoning Varshan on Torment)

He's also the easiest of the bosses to get to. Simply head into the Malignant Burrow by the Tree of Whispers and fight through a few corridors to find the arena and the Malignant Altar. Deposit your materials to start the boss.

If you were playing during the Season of the Malignant, Varshan hasn't changed all that much. The main thing you need to watch out for are his delayed AoE attacks where he lights the arena floor red before exploding it. You can completely avoid these, however, if you stand to the far left or right of the arena when he starts casting. He'll also periodically summon a few elites, but these are easy to deal with since Varshan stops attacking for a short while.

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