Where to find the Training Dummy in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Training Dummy
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The new Diablo 4 Training Dummy is a long-awaited feature that was added in the most recent patch. Before now, the only way to benchmark your DPS and test out your build was by running into Nightmare Dungeons, or fighting particularly tanky bosses. Now you can smack around an inanimate object in relative safety, feeling out the damage output of your build. 

Speaking of bosses, if you're planning to target farm any of the new big bads for Unique items, you might want to have a browse of our Diablo 4 boss loot tables to see what they drop. Some are definitely more complicated to farm than others, like Duriel or The Beast in the Ice. Whatever you're practising for, here's where to find the new Training Dummy in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 training dummy location and how to use

You can find the Training Dummy in Kyovoshad, right next to the world tier statue in the main square in the north of the city. Just look for the new dungeon symbol that's appeared in the city since you were last there, and head through the double doors to the right of the stairs leading up to the  cathedral. Inside, you'll find a cellar containing a single immovable Training Dummy and a stash.

If you want to change the dummy to try out different combat situations, just activate the statue next to the stash in order to configure it. You can choose the dummy type:

  • Normal Training Dummy
  • Elite Training Dummy
  • Boss Training Dummy

And how many dummies you want:

  • Single Training Dummy
  • Multiple Training Dummies

These options are listed together, but they are split as I've shown above, so you could have five boss dummies if you wanted to. All in all, it seems like a very useful benchmarking tool for individual damage, though since minions don't seem to aggro towards the dummies, they are much less useful for gauging damage if you're a Necromancer or Druid running minions. 

You could also theoretically use the Training Dummy in co-op if you wanted to see how much damage you do as a party.

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