How to get the Scroll of Amnesia in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia - Corman with a Malignant Heart
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The Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia is one of the new items coming in the game's first major content update: Season of the Malignant. As we already know, the first season is centred around a corruption infecting the hearts of Sanctuary's monsters; hearts we'll cut out of their chests and insert into our new gear to claim powerful boons.

Alongside these Caged Hearts there are also new seasonal rewards such as the Scroll of Amnesia. Diablo 4's current respec process is a bit painful, and with no way to save skill specs or loadouts, changing a build is a major process, especially in terms of late game cost. This new scroll will make things a little easier, however, allowing you to refund everything at once. Here's how to get the new Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia item when the season goes live.

Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia: How to get it

You can get the new Scroll of Amnesia item through the Season Journey that's free to all players in the Seasonal Realm. As the devs explained in the livestream update, completing challenges of your choosing will reward you with Favor—the resource that advances the battle pass—and when you complete a set number, you can claim chapter rewards and advance to the next set of challenges. It's essentially a season progression system, but by completing and advancing these challenges, you'll be able to claim the Scroll of Amnesia. 

The scroll itself resets all skill and Paragon points and, while that might not seem especially good, it has two main advantages over doing the process manually. The first is that it's free, so is ideally used for a late game respec when you're at level 100, i.e. when it costs the most gold to change a build. Since it automatically gets rid of all Paragon points, it'll also save you a great deal of time in terms of refunding those nodes one-by-one. 

It might not be anywhere near as good as having the ability to save skill specs and builds we've created, but it's the best option we'll have for now in terms of respec-ing high level characters with minimum fuss and resource cost.

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