Diablo 4 is coming June 6, 2023

Announced at The Game Awards tonight in a spectacular cinematic trailer, Diablo 4 will arrive on PC on June 6, 2023. Blizzard also opened pre-ordering for Diablo 4, which will grant some amount of early access to the game.

I thought the trailer was excellent: Diablo's depiction of the ancient battle between good an evil is strangely realistic horror. The new video follows-up the grisly announcement trailer first seen at the BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony, we see Diablo's avenging angel Tyrael floating above lines of holy soldiers in formation, with spears and shields knit into an impenetrable line. Running headlong into this human wall are Lilith's demons, looking as menacing and hackable as we've seen them in this series.

We've already played some Diablo 4, with PC Gamer editor Tyler Colp calling it "the Diablo I've been waiting for." 

"Diablo 4 reminds me why other action-RPGs don't do it for me," Tyler wrote in his preview yesterday. "It either takes too long to earn enough abilities to formulate a plan or they drop so many on you that it's overwhelming. Blizzard knows exactly how quickly to fill your spellbook and when to introduce a new wrinkle to get you thinking." 

Diablo 4 will launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The standard edition of the game will cost $70, with an Ultimate edition at $100. Here's Blizzard's breakdown of those editions:

  • Standard Edition: Includes Open Beta Early Access*, the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo IV, the Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet in Diablo® III**, the Amalgam of Rage Mount in World of Warcraft®**, and the Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set in Diablo Immortal™**
  • Deluxe Edition: Includes everything in the Standard edition, plus up to 4 days Early Access to Diablo IV's Launch***, and Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock in Diablo IV, the Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor in Diablo IV, and the Temptation Mount in Diablo IV.
  • Ultimate Edition: Includes everything in the Deluxe edition, plus an Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock in Diablo IV (a Premium Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock plus 20 Tier Skips and a cosmetic), and the Wings of the Creator Emote in Diablo IV.
  • The devout can also purchase the Diablo IV Limited Edition Collector’s Box**** ($96.66), which includes a double-sided electric Candle of Creation, a cloth map of Sanctuary, an Occult Mousepad, a pin of the Horadrim, two matted fine art prints (18.54” x 10.79”), and a Diablo IV Collector’s Edition Art book. Available for pre-purchase starting December 15 from the Blizzard Gear Store, and via select retailers in Australia and New Zealand.
Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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