Diablo 3's 2.2.0 patch adds bottomless health, new treasure goblins

Reaper Diablo

I don't expect full scientific rigour in my action-RPGs, but bottomless health potions? How does that even work? If you had a bottomless health potion, could you not upturn it at the top of a dungeon and wait for the bottomless health-juices to fill the entire structure—thus drowning all the monsters.

Can you drown in health potion?

These are the questions Diablo 3's new patch raises, but doesn't answer. Instead, it has simply removed regular health potions and replaced the action bar slot with a bottomless potion that replenishes up to 60% maximum health. Legendary potions, meanwhile, remain unchanged.

The patch notes are pretty giant, and include new Treasure Goblins and a full round of class balance changes. You can see the highlights below, and the full changelist at the Diablo 3 blog. Patch 2.2.0 is out now.


  • Three new Treasure Goblins have made their way into the realm of Sanctuary. Riches await for those who can catch them!
  • When crafting gems and items, the entire quantity will now be crafted at once
  • You can now increase your Blood Shard cap by achieving a personal best in Solo Greater Rifts
  • Two new Legendary potions, two new Legendary gems, and dozens of new and revamped Legendary powers have been added
  • Several sets across all six classes have received significant improvements and new Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Wizard sets have been added to the game


  • New Seasonal rewards have been added to the game, including two new transmogrification appearances, a new pennant, and a new portrait frame
  • Several improvements have been made to looting items in mass
  • Regular health potions have been removed from the game
  • The health potion slot on the action bar is now a Bottomless Heath Potion that will heal you for 60% of your maximum Life
  • The functionality of Legendary potions is unchanged
  • Looting a crafting material will now also pick up all other materials of the same type within 20 yards
  • Looting a gem will now also pick up all other gems within 20 yards
  • A Wardrobe has been added to the town in each act next to Myriam the Mystic
  • Clicking on the Wardrobe will open a new cosmetic window in which players can manage any wings, pets, pennants, and portrait frames unlocked on their account
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