Diablo 3 trailer and footage shows Demon Hunter in action

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

Blizzard unveiled the final class for Diablo 3, the Demon Hunter at Blizzcon. They announced her arrival with a kick ass trailer and 20 minutes of brutal in-game footage. All of these videos can be found below, along with more information about Diablo 3's shootiest class.

The Demon Hunter is a mysterious, plate armoured vixen in steel high heels. She dual wields crossbows, flings exploding bolas' at the heads of her enemies and can take out an army of charging demons single handedly. I learned these things from the superb Blizzcon trailer, embedded below.

Too often we see spectacular trailers that show off a load of amazing abilities, only for them never to appear in the game itself. This definitely isn't the case for the Demon Hunter. The exploding bolas, grenades, spread shot, and many more abilities besides can all be seen in the 20 minutes of in-game Diablo 3 footage from Blizzcon.

As well as the attacks we saw in the trailer, we see a huge fire shot ability that ignites the ground, causing burning damage to those standing on it. We also get to see a few of the Demon Hunter's crowd control abilities, including the ability to tie her enemies together with chains of dark energy, and unleash a vicious 360 degree burst of darts that eviscerates demons foolish enough to get up close. Check it out.

Blizzard revealed at Blizzcon's Diablo 3 panel that there will also be a male version of the Demon Hunter, but he hasn't been shown yet. The Demon Hunter can specialise in her crossbows, grenades and traps, and on the surface seems to operate in a similar way to the Assassin class added by Diablo 2's expansion, Lord of Destruction, who was often especially deadly when facing off with more powerful individual foes.

The Demon Hunter is also the last class to be revealed for Diablo 3. She'll be fighting alongside the master of the elements, the Wizard, the poisonous, minion summoning Witch Doctor, the burly "me smash, you watch" Barbarian and the acrobatic martial arts master, the Monk. You can check out all of the classes in more detail on the characters page of the official Diablo 3 site.

I honestly can't decide which one is the best. Which class is your favourite?

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