Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - your auction house replacement is the Mystic

We already know that Diablo 3's upcoming mega-expansion Reaper of Souls boards up the game's Real Money Auction House, sets it on fire, then salts the ground so that nothing so stupid can ever be built there again, but do we know how Blizzard will be replacing its myriad features? Yes. We do now, thanks to the Diablog : they're installing a Mystic in towns, who will handle Enchanting and Transmogrification duties for you.

Myriam Jahzia's her name, and as I just said right then, Enchanting and Transmogrification are her games. After opening her Enchant menu and paying a material cost, you'll be able to "reroll one property on a Rare or Legendary item", making that item less replaceable in the process. Transmogrification, meanwhile, has nothing to do with cats; rather it will let you "change and customize the appearance of your hero's items without having to sacrifice any of their power". Essentially, you'll be able to keep a nifty looking item you've become attached to forever, while replacing its stats with that of a better one. Obviously there are restrictions, and caveats, which you can read about over on that official blog post .

For more Reaper of Souls details and impressions, have a read of today's hands-on .

Tom Sykes

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