Diablo 3 discounted by 45% until the release of Reaper of Souls

The prophets had warned us. They'd seen visions of planets aligning, of oceans running red with blood, of cats acting slightly crankier than usual. We ignored their cries, dismissing them as the deranged ramblings of fringe lunatics. And yet, it has come to pass: Blizzard have put a game on sale. It's a rare event for the developer, who tend to limit their discounts to the Black Friday Thanksgiving sales. But, with the impending release of Diablo 3's first expansion, the base game is getting a temporary reduction.

Until March 24th - the day before Reaper of Souls' release - Diablo 3 will be available at a 45% discount, for £16.99 / $19.99. It should lighten the financial strain if you don't own the game and, for some reason, want to dive straight into the pricey expansion. Reaper of Souls will launch for £32.99 / $39.99.

Luckily, it sounds as if you'll have plenty of fun with the base game alone. The recent 2.0.1 patch has completely changed the game - removing the restrictions imposed by the auction house, and ensuring more tailored loot for your character's class. You can read Tom's impression of this new Diablo , or head here for Kat's preview of the upcoming expansion.

Phil Savage

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