Diablo 3 build guide: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard [UPDATED]

Demon Hunter builds

Demon Hunter build: Inferno Demon Hunter

See the build: Demon Hunter Inferno

A lot of your time as a Demon Hunter in Inferno will be spent running away from mobs--don't be afriad to be a coward. Using Evasive Fire as your primary attack is the big secret most DHs don't know about yet: it's not in the Primary category but it generates Hatred, deals damage in a cone, and can even shoot through walls. Even better, it tacks on another escape tool to your arsenal without taking up a skill slot. Elemental Arrow and Spike Trap are your main damage-dealers--dump your Hatred into them whenever you can afford to stand still. Vault and Smoke Screen give you spammable tools to slip away from trouble, with runed Preparation giving you the Discipline you need to fuel 'em. The passives, Archery , Steady Aim , and Tactical Advantage all help you kite your way to success.

Preferred stats: Dexterity, Attack Speed, Max Discipline, Crit chance, Vitality

Demon Hunter build: Batman

See the build: The Demon Hunter as Batman

You are vengeance. You are the Knight. You. Are. BATMAN!

Okay, well, Batman never kills people. So you're not technically Batman. But this build should make you feel like him nonetheless. The Demon Hunter is perfect for modeling everyone's favorite brooding, caped crusader. Entangling Shot will trip up your foes while Bat-a-rangs... I mean Chakram ... shred anyone in your way. Evasive Fire , Smoke Screen and Spike Trap make you a true predator, always in control of the flow of battle. Cluster Arrow is your big knock-out punch. Your passives reward you for not getting hit, as Batman should not, and buff your Discipline-based skills.

Preferred stats: Dexterity, Weapon Damage, Dodge Chance, Max Discipline/Discipline Regen

Demon Hunter build- The Arcane Archer

See the build: Demon Hunter Arcane Archer

Preferred stats: Dexterity, Weapon Damage, Lifesteal, Max Hatred

Demon Hunter Build Diablo 3 Sniper

Demon Hunter build: The Sniper

See the build: Demon Hunter Sniper

You lurk in the shadows watching for your ideal prey. Once you have singled them out, they are merely the whistle of an arrow from death. This is a great Elite/Boss slayer build, focused on staying well out of the thick of things and picking off single targets with massive damage. Marked for Death and Impale are your 1-2 combo: mark them, then take them out with a quick burst of critical doom. Caltrops makes sure you're always six steps ahead of the enemy while also functioning as a Crit "totem" when you cast it at your feet. Vault gives you an out when they wind up a step ahead of you, while runed Preparation lets you burn Discipline to keep the Impales coming. Your passives ensure that taking time to fall back and line up a shot will always be to your advantage. Hand crossbows give you the best benefit (Crit chance) from Archery .

Preferred stats: Weapon Damage, Dexterity, Critical Chance, Max Hatred/Hatred Regeneration

Demon Hunter build Diablo 3 explosives

Demon Hunter build: The Explosives Expert

See the build: Demon Hunter Explosives Expert - Updated 5/16

Bad guys go boom with this explosives-heavy build for the Demon Hunter. Cluster Grenades is your free skill, so chuck those little bouncing bombs like crazy and follow 'em up with endless rockets from Rapid Fire and Cluster Arrow . One rune swap adds homing rockets to your Sentry turret, which'll guard your back while raining down fire. Bola Shot and Spike Trap give you two more volatile chunks of metal to hurl around. (Bonus: the Sticky Trap rune on Spike Trap lets you slam the explosives right onto the enemy's chest and watch his death rain pain on everyone around him.) The passives are absolutely essential to this build: Ballistics, Grenadier and Custom Engineering add a massive damage boost to all those rockets.

Preferred stats: Dexterity, Weapon Damage, Vitality, Armor

Demon hunter build Diablo 3 Untouchable

Demon Hunter build: The Untouchable

See the build: Demon Hunter Untouchable

The Demon Hunter isn't really a touchy-feely kinda gal—in fact, she'd rather you just never get close to her at all. This build plays right into her nomad, loner image, letting you kite bad guys like a pro—if you've got the skill. Entangling Shot in your primary slot lets you tie up four enemies every second, Elemental Arrow with the Frost rune slows down larger packs, and Strafe lets you unleash hell while still running at full speed. Use the ridiculously low-cost Vault to keep your distance as the pack closes in on you, and if one of the devils catches you off guard, Evasive Fire lets you blast 'em up close and backflip away (+2 for style points). If you manage to screw all of that up—or are facing Sonic the hedgehog zombies— Smoke Screen lets your reset the battle by vanishing. Cull The Weak, Tactical Advantage and Steady Aim are perfect passives, helping you stay out of harm's reach while boosting damage on hindered foes.

Preferred stats: Movement Speed, Dexterity, Weapon Damage, CC reduction


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