Diablo 3 beta gets a final push. Release day is less than a month away

Diablo 3 incoming

That calendar might look like it was edited within paint by a man with barely any artistic skills whatsoever, but it's still one hell-mode of a happy sight. Diablo 3 is close. And not just in a Blizzard "we're almost ready" kind of close. Even in the grand scheme of world events, Diablo 3 is within clicking distance. May 15 is around 27 days away.

To celebrate, Blizzard have just sent out 275,000 beta keys and announced a closing date for the beta. It's going to run until May 1st. From that point onwards, you'll need to purchase the full game to comment on the forums or news posts. Check your battle.net account to see if you've received an invite, or click here to pre-purchase.

Exactly how excited are you for Diablo 3? Have you already pre-purchased?