Devil May Cry 5 cutscenes can be replaced with charming live action rehearsals

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I have high hopes for Devil May Cry 5. Goths, ruin porn and sledgehammer-subtle industrial metal is a killer combination, and that's without mentioning the depth and fluidity of the series' combat. But a feature in the Deluxe Edition has me pretty excited, too: the ability to replace all in-game cutscenes with their live action rehearsal equivalents. In other words, these are "pre-viz" rehearsals, basically Capcom's way of envisioning a cutscene before it's created.

Yes, it's a bit annoying that this bonkers feature will be exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, but it'll only be a matter of hours before each replaced cutscene hits YouTube. The trailer above is a neat example of what's in store: one particular scene involving an airborne van and a stylishly weaving Nero is especially delightful.

Devil May Cry 5 releases March 8. Here's a thorough rundown of its regional unlock times. 

Shaun Prescott

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