Deus Ex Unreal Revolution mod brings Human Revolution to Deus Ex 1

We recently posted the video above as part of one of our end of day links posts . We thought it was just a clever parody of the new Deus Ex, complete with comedy wrist-chisel take downs, yellow object outlines and a sly dig at Human Revolution's extensive web of pre-order bonuses. Now we learn from RPS that the video was in fact a trailer for a full Deus Ex mod, which is out now.

The mod gives JC some Adam Jensen style five o'clock shadow and a pair of AR goggles. Activating these casts the world in a black and gold sheen and outlines objects. The mod also adds iron sights to the assault rifle and fit JC with a pair of arm blades. You can download the mod now from ModDB . You'll need to install a custom DirectX 10 or OpenGL renderer first.

Tom Senior

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