Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer thickens plot with conspiracies and cyber-zombies

[bcvideo id="1048932517001"]

If someday you find yourself talking to a holographic screen full of faceless icons asking "is everything in place?" then well done, you have become a conspirator! That means you get to wear dark colours, smoke a lot and spend your days pacing back and forth in your futuristic penthouse, hissing things like "this must be surpressed" and "leave no-one alive" down secure phone lines until the whole city is yours.

Conspirators always forget the first rule of conspiracy: never bet against the angry man with the robotic arms. Jensen's on a mission to punch through every wall in the city to unravel the plot. He'd do well to start with the seedy penthouse apartments and work his way down from there. Deux Ex: Human Revolution will finally be out on August 23 in the US and August 26 in Europe. Read our three diaries for an in-depth overview of the first ten hours.

Tom Senior

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