Destiny 2's 'Eater of Worlds' raid lair goes live on Friday, see the new armor now

We got our first look at Eater of Worlds, the first Destiny 2 raid lair, in the Curse of Osiris launch trailer that arrived on our doorstep earlier this week. That expansion went live yesterday, and today Bungie announced that the doors to the new Leviathan joint will open on Friday. 

Eater of Worlds is a six-person operation that will take place on Leviathan, the massive Cabal ship that's also home to the Destiny 2 raid of the same name. We haven't seen a detailed breakdown of what's in store yet—don't want to spoil those surprises!—but despite the familiar setting it will offer up new locations and a new boss. It will be comparably challenging (and there will be a Prestige difficulty, for players who just can't get enough) but require less of a time commitment, which will come as good news for players whose hands have morphed into perma-claws after hours of angrily clutching the mouse while trying to get through that ridiculous Gauntlet goat rodeo.

Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything.

What we do have right now are galleries of the Eater of Worlds ornamented armor that can be seen at the raid vendor right now. See anything you like?

Andy Chalk

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