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Destiny 2: Warmind teaser hints at new armor, Exotics, and the return of a Crucible classic

Bungie has dropped a new teaser for the upcoming Destiny 2: Warmind expansion ahead of the full reveal that's coming tomorrow. As we've been able to pick out (and by "we," I mean Tim), it looks like we'll see some Warmind-themed armor added to the game, at least one new exotic weapon, and the return of a former favorite Crucible beast. 

That would be the Suros Regime, an exotic auto rifle from the original Destiny which comes equipped with multiple firing modes and healing bullets. We obviously don't know how the Destiny 2 iteration will compare, but given Bungie's recent focus on powering up the entire range of exotic weapons, I think it's fair to expect that it will make a big splash. 

The (presumed) Warmind-themed armor can be seen at the 15-second mark, just behind the bit about "Hive Escalation Protocol," which could be some kind of horde mode, possibly with a new type of Hive enemy—the chorus line of extradimensional horrors looks like Cursed Thralls, but coated in ice. There's also some sort of staff weapon that appears at 23 seconds—maybe a new melee weapon or perhaps a twist on the Hunter Arcstrider class.   

All will be revealed tomorrow: April 24, 10 am PT/1 pm ET, on Twitch. Naturally, we'll be tuned in and will let you know what's going on.