Destiny 2: Warmind patch notes detail all the changes in season 3

The big Destiny 2: Warmind expansion is live, and that means we can finally look at the patch notes to see what exactly awaits the next time we dive into the game. This list is predictably big, but highlights include an increase in the level cap to 30 and the Power level to 385, multi-emotes, PvP rankings and private matches, and Exotic Masterworks. 

"With Warmind, we want to show we are actively listening to the global community and that we are also committed to respecting players’ time in game," Bungie project lead Sam Jones said. "We know many of our fans have expressed a need for deeper endgame activities in Destiny 2, with more meaningful rewards, and we are excited to continue to improve that experience for them with this release." 

The full patch notes, available at, also details the full list of changes being made to Exotics, which Bungie has previously touted as a major change to the game for season 3. Some are relatively minor—Jade Rabbit, for instance, gets a +20 to stability, which sounds helpful but not exactly Earth-shattering—while others are more comprehensive. One fan seemed particularly pleased by the update to the Graviton Lance, which was given a major overhaul with increased stability, two-round burst firing, reduced recoil, more explosion damage, and reduced aim assist. 

We'll have a more in-depth analysis of Destiny 2: Warmind for you soon. (As in, as soon as we've finished grinding for this bloody gun.) 

Andy Chalk

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