Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy trailer teases new exotics

The Season of the Worthy starts in the next hour or so, introducing a new existential threat to the Last City, new co-op activities, and the return of the top tier PvP challenge, Trials of Osiris.

A colossal gunship is hurtling towards the last bastion of humanity on Earth, and Guardians have to persuade grumpy AI warmind Rasputin to shoot it into dust. The warmind demands tribute, so you need to clean out the secret bunkers that have suddenly appeared in the EDZ and feed Rasputin's towers with the help of fellow players.

The launch trailer gives us a peek at the new warmind bunkers, some cutscene snippets and, most importantly, some exotics. The Tron-like Hunter vest Raiju's (no connection to Pikachu) Harness, pictured below. There's also a gung-ho futuristic tommy gun that's going to get all of us killed.

Bungie has been learning important lessons throughout this year's seasonal structure, so this could be the best one so far. The permanent addition of Trials is a big deal for PvP obsessives looking for a real challenge. It sounds like weapon rebalances will favour under-served short-range archetypes like submachine guns and sidearms. It might be time to put those sniper rifles in your vault, for now.

The patch notes for the new season are available now on For more on the new Destiny season, here's everything we know about the Season of the Worthy.

(Image credit: Bungie)
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