Destiny 2 is coming to PC

Well, we tried to hint as hard as we could, and now it's been confirmed: Destiny 2 will be on PC. The not-so-secret was revealed on the Destiny website today, where the preorder option lists multiple editions and the PC as a selectable platform.

That news coincided with the worldwide reveal trailer, which sets up Destiny 2's story—which seems to be shooting for an Empire Strikes Back sort of theme. As has been widely predicted/leaked, The Last City (which is home to the space magic-wielding guardians), has been destroyed by the invading Cabal empire.

Led by Ghaul, the Red Legion have destroyed all the players' stuff, which makes for a handy complete gear reset. Now it's time for payback. The trailer centres on two speeches: a rousing one by the Titan Vanguard Zavala, and the promise of some loot and an unfortunate demise if you don't get with the program from Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Destiny 2 seems set to deliver the same weird blend of gravitas and banter that was introduced with The Taken King expansion.

"This is a new beginning for every player. We know you have questions about the worlds you’ll explore, the enemies you’ll fight, the powers you’ll master, and (as Cayde promised) the loot you’ll earn," Bungie said. "All will be answered in the weeks and months to come. It should be a hell of a ride."

For now, Bungie is focusing on setting up the Destiny 2 story, but a gameplay reveal is set for May 18, and a beta for those who pre-order is coming in the summer. Platforms weren't mentioned, but the studio said it will "be calling on all Guardians to give their feedback." There's also no word metion of Cross Play with the Xbox One on the Windows Store listing, which is something we're really hoping for. 

Destiny 2 will be available in multiple editions, ranging from the $60 standard edition to an eye-watering $250 collector's edition, and an "expansion pass" will be up for grabs as well. Pricing and contents of the pass haven't been revealed, but based on the image below it will contain two separate DLC drops. 

Fans of the original will recognize the logos used for the expansions. The yellow one belongs to Osiris, the mysterious Warlock who's behind the popular Trials of Osiris elimination mode, which ran on weekends in the original Destiny. The other logo refers to the Warminds, which were a network of powerful AIs which protected the solar system before The Traveler (that giant orb) arrived. The obvious suggestion being that the expansions will be themed around those elements of the lore—which will delight superfans.

That's all a long way off, though. First we need to play the base game, which will launch on September 8. Check back later today for a detailed analysis of the trailer, and in the meantime you can read our thoughts on what Destiny 2 needs to do in order to be a success on the PC right here.

Andy Chalk

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