Destiny 2 fans want Bungie to add a permanent memorial to Cayde-6's expired ramen coupon

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Remember back in 2018, when Destiny 2 fan-favorite Cayde-6, the only member of the Vanguard with a personality, took three in the head during the Prison of Elders breakout that kicked off the Forsaken expansion? Shortly afterward, players built a real-world shrine to the beloved Exo at E3, complete with ramen packets—because, as we noted, he was a huge fan of spicy ramen.

Bungie paid tribute to Cayde's sad passing shortly after it happened with the addition of a coupon that players could pick up from the ramen booth in the Tower. It was accessible through a sort of mini-quest, and once found served up a bit of lore in which Cayde himself reminisced about his love of it, and the City and the people who live in it. There was nothing more to it, though—just a touching remembrance of one of the game's best characters.

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Gamers, though, being a naturally suspicious lot, suspected that there might be more to it than Bungie was letting on, and so many of them (myself included) held onto the coupons, despite their complete lack of worth. We were wrong, as it turns out: There was was nothing more to them, and in fact the coupons are slated to go away, along with a bunch of other items, when Bungie cleans house with the Beyond Light expansion. 

That's led to a call on the Destiny 2 subreddit for some form of permanent in-game tribute, not to the Exo or his ramen, but to the prized coupon itself. One fan has actually created a 3D-printable seal to memorialize Cayde's love of ramen. It's not the same as an in-game reward for keeping that little hunk of virtual paper around for this long, but it's not bad:

Bungie hasn't commented on the call for a coupon commemoration so far, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it ends up doing something to permanently mark Cayde-6's passing in the game—the studio has a pretty good record of responding to fan outcries, after all. I've reached out to Bungie for comment and will update if I receive a reply; in the meantime, don't miss our look at the Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt roadmap, and what you can look forward to in the Beyond Light raid.

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