Destiny 2's new Duality dungeon is a 'daring mind-heist' of a corrupt space emperor

With Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted now upon us, it's time to get our first look at the newest dungeon to be added to the mix: Duality, a chilling descent into the shattered psyche of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus, where players will "pull off a daring mind-heist and steal his darkest secrets."

"The Witness opened its mind to me, and I saw my darkest desire made reality," Calus intones ominously. "I am the herald. I am the end."

That sure doesn't sound good! It's been a long time since I played Destiny 2—in fact, when last I looked, the Guardians had kicked Calus' ass and moved on to other things. Yet it seems the big man was maybe down, but not out. So I checked in with a couple of current Destineers at PC Gamer to find out what's going on.

"Well, the deposed Cabal Emperor, Calus, has returned from the Void as a servant of the Witness, bringing his world ship Leviathan with him," associate editor Ted Litchfield explained. 

I thought maybe he was messing with me, but UK editor-in-chief Phil Savage quickly chimed in to assure me that he was not: "That, basically," he confirmed.

(Phil also explained to me that it wasn't actually Calus who we fought in the first Destiny 2 raid, but a giant robot who was there as a part of some sort of cosmic game show. Destiny 2 lore is wild.)

The Duality dungeon is live now. Bungie warned on Twitter that there are a few issues players may encounter on the journey, which will hopefully be ironed out quickly:

To learn more about the Seasons of the Haunted, hit up the seasonal page at If you're already into the action and want a little help with getting things done, don't miss our guides to unlocking Solar 3.0 fragments, using Opulent Keys, and the big one, finding all the Calus bobbleheads.

Andy Chalk

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