How to unlock Solar 3.0 fragments in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0
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Want to unlock your Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 fragments? The Season of the Haunted has launched and the Solar rework is receiving a bit of a mixed response. The changes to Gunslinger are pretty darn good, but Titans and Warlocks seem a little less pleased with the overhaul. As with the Void rework, it’s all about aspects and fragments now, and choosing a line-up of perks that’ll synergise with your playstyle and mod setup.

But not every fragment or grenade ability is available right from the start. If you’ve just started the season and arrived on the Leviathan, you might want to know a little more about Opulent Keys and chests, or what those Calus Bobbleheads do. That said, here’s every fragment available in the Solar 3.0 rework, as well as how to unlock the others.

Also be aware: some people are experiencing a bug that means they can’t use Solar fragments even after unlocking them, but once Bungie has fixed it, these should hopefully be available for use.

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0: How to unlock fragments and grenades 

If you’ve just started the Season of the Haunted, you’ll now have access to Solar 3.0 and the reworked classes for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. As with the rework of Void in the style of Stasis, you have a super, abilities, aspects, and fragments to choose from, each altering how you play the class. You won’t start with every fragment and grenade unlocked, though.

To get them you have to speak to Ikora Rey in the Bazaar section of the tower. Select Solar and then either fragments or grenades to get the remaining versions. Fragments cost a hefty 25,000 Glimmer, while grenades only cost 3,000 a piece. Once purchased, meditate using the strange globe to your right to unlock them in the subclass menu.

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0: Every fragment 

Here are all of the fragments that you can use with Solar 3.0. If more are added as the season continues, I’ll be sure to add them: 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameEffectStat change
Ember of SingeingYour class ability recharges faster when you Scorch targets.Row 0 - Cell 2
Ember of BenevolenceApplying Restoration, Cure, or Radiant to allies grants increased grenade, melee, and class ability regeneration for a short duration.-10 Discipline
Ember of BeamsYour Solar Super projectiles have stronger target acquisition.+10 Intellect
Ember of EmpyreanSolar weapon or ability final blows extend the duration of restoration and radiant effects applied to you.-10 Resilience
Ember of CombustionFinal blows with your Solar Super cause targets to Ignite.+10 Strength
Ember of TorchesPowered melee attacks against combatants make you and nearby allies Radiant.Row 5 - Cell 2
Ember of CharYour Solar Ignitions spread Scorch to affected targets.+10 Discipline
Ember of TemperingSolar weapon final blows grant you and your allies increased recovery for a short duration. Stacks three times. While Ember of Tempering is active, your weapons have increased airborne effectiveness.-10 Recovery
Ember of BlisteringDefeating targets with Solar Ignitions grants grenade energy.Row 8 - Cell 2
Ember of SolaceRadiant and Restoration effects applied to you have increased duration.Row 9 - Cell 2
Ember of EruptionYour Solar ignitions have increased area of effect.+10 Strength
Ember of AshesYou apply more Scorch stacks to targets.Row 11 - Cell 2
Ember of WonderRapidly defeating multiple targets with Solar Ignitions generates an Orb of Power.+10 Resilience
Ember of SearingDefeating Scorched targets grants melee energy.+10 Recovery
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