How to get Conditional Finality in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Conditional Finality
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The Destiny 2 Conditional Finality shotgun is the newest exotic to arrive in the game as part of the Root of Nightmares' raid. Just like Collective Obligation or Touch of Malice before it, this is one of the most powerful weapons the raid has to offer, and is a pretty rare drop. Still, there are ways to increase your chance of getting it.

For those still exploring Neomuna, you might want to know where to find all of the action figures, the Terminal Overload rotation, or what lost sectors are currently on rotation so you can grab the new exotic armor pieces. Either way, here's how to get the Conditional Finality exotic shotgun and what exactly it does.

How to get Conditional Finality

The new exotic solar/stasis shotgun only drops from the final encounter of the new Root of Nightmares raid: Nezarec. The good news is that as with Hierarchy of Needs or Heartshadow, Bungie has added a system where you can buff exotic drop chances to the new raid. If you complete certain triumphs and challenges in the Root of Nightmares' raid seal, you can increase your overall drop chance, and so your chances of getting Conditional Finality from the last boss. Here are said triumphs:

  • Classic Horror: Complete all encounters with a fireteam of the same Guardian class
  • Dream Weavers: Complete all encounters with a fireteam of Strand subclasses
  • Psionic Purge: In Cataclysm, defeat all Psions within one second of each other
  • Shields Up: In Scission, do not defeat any attuned shielded combatants on a floor until both node chains are complete on that same floor
  • Singular Orbit: In Macrocosm, a player cannot gain Planetary Insight twice in the same Planetary Shift.
  • Synchronicity: During the final battle with Nezarec, activate both sets of nodes within five seconds of each other, for every activation, and complete the encounter
  • Illuminated Torment: Complete the Illuminated Torment challenge
  • Crossfire: Complete the Crossfire challenge
  • Cosmic Equilibrium: Complete the Cosmic Equilibrium challenge
  • All Hands: Complete the All Hands challenge
  • Final Nightmare: Complete all encounters on Master difficulty

Completing any of these triumphs gets you a little bump in Conditional Finality's drop chance, so it's a little easier to get from Nezarec—just don't forget to claim the triumph in the seal to activate it.

(Image credit: Bungie)

Conditional Finality's perks

Conditional Finality is a stasis shotgun with two barrels, letting it fire both stasis and solar pellets. Landing most of the stasis pellets will freeze a target, while the solar pellets will cause them to ignite, making it a pretty amazing weapon for easily stunning champions, or if you're wanting to deal shatter damage consistently. 

Here are its perks and traits:

  • Shortened Barrel: Greatly improves handling at the cost of range and stability
  • Alloy Magazine: Faster reloads when the magazine is empty
  • Paracausal Pellets: Landing nearly all stasis pellets will freeze targets; landing nearly all solar pellets will ignite targets
  • Textured Grip: Greatly increases handling speed, slightly decreases stability

The good news is you also won't have to do anything to get the Conditional Finality catalyst because it doesn't have one. While the reprised raid weapons like Touch of Malice and Vex Mythoclast both have catalysts, new Destiny 2 raid exotics don't seem to get them. 

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