Destiny 2 Beyond Light story trailer shows old foes with new powers

The Darkness is (finally) almost here. With its arrival, the Guardians will weaponise a new form of energy: Stasis, to fight back. But other species can wield that power too. In the latest story trailer for Destiny 2—Beyond Light we see the Fallen using Stasis to try and rise up once again. The poor fools.

There's a note of heresy in the speeches at the start of the video. The Fallen tend to worship their floating orb machines as facsimiles for The Traveler, the god-like resurrection 'Great Machine' that once favoured them but now coddles the Guardians on Earth. However, led by Eramis (Kell of Darkness, to her friends) a faction of the remaining Fallen are turning away from that slavish mindset to chart a new Stasis-empowered future for their race of sad four-armed failures. 

Will they earn their freedom and dignity? Absolutely not. Because the Guardians are going to shoot them a lot with the gorgeous new exotic weapons coming in the Beyond Light expansion. 

Beyond Light is due November 10, and it needs to be, as promised, a massive reset for Destiny 2. I'm disappointed by the lack of new enemies in this video but Stasis is a major systemic shift that provided a major shakeup for all classes.

Tom Senior

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