Desperados 3 extended gameplay trailer shows the importance of being sneaky

Desperados 3, as Fraser explained last month, is "a western-themed tactical stealth affair where you'll need to direct your gang across a series of sandbox maps primed for creative murders." You can stay sneaky and cause all kinds of Hitman-style accidents, or you can skin that smoke wagon and try your luck with a guns blazing approach.

A new gameplay video released today by publisher THQ Nordic explains why the former approach is probably better overall than the latter. Each member of your gang possesses unique and dangerous abilities, but you'll be heavily outnumbered throughout the game, and reinforcements are ready to jump into action if you draw too much attention to yourself. It's possible to hide and wait them out, but while their alert levels will eventually drop, meaning that they won't be actively looking for you, they won't go away, and your journey will be that much more difficult as a result.

On-demand quicksaves will help deal with those troubles, but teamwork is more important for monitoring enemies, distracting them, and eventually dealing with them. It's possible, but probably not easy, to complete most missions without killing anyone, while the new Showdown option—essentially real-time with pause—makes action-oriented approaches more viable.

Desperados 3 is available for pre-purchase on Steam for $50/£45/€50, and is set to come out on June 16. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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