Descent successor Overload officially releasing next month

Overload, the 6DOF (six-degrees-of-freedom) shooter from the folks who made Descent, was successfully Kickstarted in March 2016 and hit Steam Early Access in March 2017. Today, developer Revival Productions announced it will officially release on Steam and GOG May 31, and that it will launch with the multiplayer which was originally going to be added on later. 

The full game boasts a 15-level campaign plus 12 challenge mode levels, Revival says, with 20 different enemy robots and three boss fights between them. As you progress, you can outfit your spaceship with 16 different weapons. You can get a sample of all that in Overload's free Steam demo, or you can buy the full game for $25 before it jumps to $35 once it leaves Early Access. 

Descent's official sequel, Descent: Underground, was made by Descendent Studios, confusingly enough. The team at Revival, meanwhile, consists largely of devs who worked on the first game at Parallax Software back in 1995. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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