Democracy 3 update adds new achievements, secret events

Democracy 3 Achievements

In between publishing games like Big Pharma and finding other games to publish like ShadowHand, Cliff "Cliffski" Harris has somehow also managed to find time to release an update for his own game, Democracy 3.

This free patch is meant to fix issues that have been in the game since the last update more than a year ago, and also adds a few new features to improve various aspects of the game. For instance, there are 12 new achievements, and if you want to check them out there's a new "Awards" button on the main menu.

Other additions include more information about security threats, with more of a breakdown on how the game calculates "security effectiveness", so you can see how certain policies and angry voters contribute. There's also now more info on the finance screen, and other smaller tweaks and balance changes.

As for new events, all we have to go on are teaser images so I can't tell you what they are. What do you think they represent?

Democracy 3 events