Democracy 3: Social Engineering expansion pack now available

Political nerds rejoice: Democracy 3 's new expansion pack, Social Engineering, is now out. The new expansion adds a number of new policies and dilemmas that are designed to bring about major, long-term change in subtle ways. As an added bonus, Democracy 3 is on sale for 50% off on Steam from now until February 10.

“If you look at a British ten-pound note, on the front we have the Queen, which is kind of a statement,” developer Cliff Harris says in a release video. “If you're British you take it for granted, but it's a reestablishment of the monarchy and belief in the monarchy ... The flipside of that is ... a fifty-dollar bill, and like all U.S. banknotes it has 'In God We Trust' written on it. Most people don't consider that to be a big deal or take that too seriously, but obviously that is a pro-religious statement.”

Subtle, background-influencing decisions like these make up the new expansion, and allow you to focus on creating big shifts in a society over a long period of time. There are 26 new policies and 8 new dilemmas to give you an opportunity to turn the US into a socialist utopia, for example. Can you turn France into a pro-capitalist, economically right-wing state? Big shifts were previously difficult or impossible, but now you're able to give it a shot.

Check out our review of Democracy 3 and head over to the Steam page to check out the sale .