Dell laptop listing points to Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1660 Ti coming to mobile

Products leaks don't always trace back to obscure sites and sources—sometimes bona fide hardware partners spill the beans. That seems to be the case with Dell and Nvidia, with the former seemingly tipping the release of the latter's GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU to mobile.

A few days ago, Notebookcheck noticed a reference to an unreleased GeForce RTX 2050 on Dell's G5 15 gaming laptop page. The reference could be found by clicking on the asterisk next to one of the port selections in the Ports & Slots section.

That section has since been corrected to indicate a GTX 1660 Ti. It reads, "The USB-C Thunderbolt will be on systems with RTX 2060 and up while the USB-C DisplayPort will be on systems with GTX 1660 Ti."

Since Dell and Nvidia aren't keen on talking about rumors and unreleased products, our best guess is that the RTX 2050 was a typo.

Nevertheless, the corrected entry tells us that the GTX 1660 Ti is headed to laptops. That's not a real shocker, but it's nice to see that Turing without the up-charge for RTX features will find its way to gaming laptops, and probably sooner than later.

On the desktop side, the GTX 1660 Ti is the least expensive version of Turing and can be considered one of the best graphics cards in the sub-$300 category. It's worth spending the bit extra on the RTX 2060 if you can swing it, but it's a fine GPU in and of itself.

As for the G5 15, it's not yet available with a GTX 1660 Ti, only a GTX 1050 Ti or RTX 2060. If you're considering one of the lower end models, you might want to wait and see if the GTX 1660 Ti shows up soon, in place of the GTX 1050 Ti.

Paul Lilly

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