Defiance beta weekend giveaway - 500 keys must go!

Marsh says: Whoops. I broke the competition because I'm an idiot. Tom has swooped in and fixed it now!

Sci-fi MMO-shooter Defiance is set to have another beta weekend and we have 500 ways for you to get in on the action. Kicking off this Friday evening, lucky recipients of keys will be unleashed into a shattered future-San Francisco, its remains picked over by feuding factions and infested with ferocious, mega-sized beasties.

A thirdperson shooter, it's pitched as part PlanetSide and part Monster Hunter, and the trailers make its many-player battles against skyscraping insectoids look suitably epic. But why not see for yourself?

Let me into this weekend's Defiance beta!

During our last beta key giveaway, a technical hitch prevented some players from receiving download details - we're assured that won't be the case this time around. Fingers crossed! The beta event starts on Friday at 4pm GMT and concludes on Monday at 5am GMT. Codes will go out via email once the giveaway wraps up on Friday, and can be redeemed when you sign up with your Trion account at the Defiance site.


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