DeepCool's Ark 90 cases comes with its own liquid cooling setup

DeepCool has released another case with an integrated liquid cooling solution. Called the Ark 90, this is arguably a better looking chassis than the Baronkase Liquid it launched last month, which itself also came with its own liquid cooler already mounted. In this case, it's a specially designed Captain series liquid cooling system with a 280mm radiator.

The cooler is basically an all-in-one solution, but with a transparent tube that runs down a crevice in the front of the case. This allows you to monitor the flow rate, or at least that's the stated purpose. Realistically, users will probably be more drawn the visual bling rather than the utility.

There is room to fit a second AIO cooler in the front, one with up to a 360mm radiator. Or you can populate the front with up to three 120mm fans.

DeepCool includes four RGB fans with the Ark 90—three 140mm fans attached to the liquid cooler, and another one more in the rear. In addition to the front fan mounts, you can install another three 120mm fans up top.

The case supports up to an E-ATX motherboard no bigger than 305mm x 276mm. For storage, it has three 3.5-inch drive bays and three 2.5-inch/3.5-inch bays.

Tempered glass panels cover the side, front, and top of the main section, with the side panel giving a view of your build. The case also comes with a riser cable to install your graphics card vertically, if you want. There is a little more room for long graphics cards if going that route—up to 400mm when mounting vertically, versus 310mm if sticking with a horizontal install.

The Ark 90 will be available next month for $300.

Paul Lilly

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