Deck-building dungeon crawler Book of Demons gets a new class in its latest update

We first played Book of Demons in mid-2016, just before sitting down with its creator at PAX West, who said it was born of a desire to distill Diablo down to its purest form. Which came as no surprise, it immediately reminded us of Diablo, albeit far cuter. It's been trucking along in Steam Early Access ever since, and recently received a big update which added the rogue, the last of its three classes.

With the addition of rogues, Book of Demons has completed its high fantasy class trilogy. Where mage does magic things and warrior does tanky things, the rogue is described as a flexible class with long- and close-range options thanks to her bow and daggers. 

Like mage and warrior, rogue also has unique class cards—16 to be exact. Book of Demons' combat works on a deck system: the cards you include become the skills you can use while dungeoneering. This plays into its procedurally generated dungeons, as you'll likely never build the same deck or run the same dungeon twice. You can sample the cards for yourself in the free demo available on Steam

Developer Thing Trunk says Book of Demons will exit Early Access in mid-2018. Before it does, the studio says it will receive eight major updates including Mac support, improved sound, more cards and new game modes like an offline challenge mode. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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