Dead Space 3 details possibly leaked

Dead-Space-2-killing it with fire

The next Dead Space game finds that Isaac Clarke has finally escaped doomed starships and space stations, and is safe and sound on a nice, homey ice planet. OR IS HE? Probably not, according to a Siliconera report spotted by Eurogamer . The report comes from a source which previously revealed accurate information about EA's upcoming Syndicate game.

According the leaked info, Clarke survives a crash-landing on an ice planet and initially believes he is the sole survivor. However, he finds a wounded survivor who tells him that a number of others headed off to another facility, including Ellie (a major character from the second game). Clarke tries to join up with them.

The report also details a sequence where Isaac and his companions are scaling a mountain while possibly being hunted, and the enemies are being referred to as "the hive mind."

The new setting is a shift for Dead Space, but as The Thing scientifically proved, isolated arctic research stations are the creepiest.