Dead Island MOBA being put together by Bloodline Champions developer

With the mashing-together of the words "Dead Island MOBA," Deep Silver risks finally bringing its Dead Island franchise into the realm of the truly horrifying. Don't count it out, though, as the publisher has confirmed that it's brought on board Bloodline Champions developer Stunlock Studios, which is apparently steering Dead Island: Epidemic from the treacherously tepid LoL-clone waters.

The free-to-play "ZOMBA," as Deep Silver has been calling this new invention, was originally announced earlier this month , but its developer was confirmed today in a report at Polygon . Stunlock emphasizes that it won't be doing the usual League of Legends-style thing, instead aiming more for the multiplayer arena combat of Bloodlines. (Hopefully with less of a learning curve , though.) This will become especially apparent in its Capture the Flag mode, charmingly referred to as "PvPvPvE" by its designers—players in three teams may occasionally have to put aside their distaste for each other by teaming up to overcome the swelling zombie waves.

Players will also be able to craft their own weapons to suit their own "personality and play style," which explains the miniature cannon that the hunchbacked guy in that screenshot above seems to be lugging about. Hopefully, this will warrant the inclusion of a zombie-repelling cocktail umbrella and a party blower, to suit my ZOMBA-on-the-beach partying ways.